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RECKLESS DRIVING CHESTERFIELD VIRGINIA PENALTY – Child Custody Visitation Maryland Massachusetts Virginia Attorneys Laws Lawyer


Reckless driving is an offensive crime around the globe. Every person who drive impulsively and in a careless manner, without taking the security of people and property under consideration, is accused of such crime. Although reckless driving is considered as a crime of high illegitimacy all around the globe but in case of U.S government, the rules are even stricter. Reckless driving can give hard time to those who are charged with this offense, because this is not a simple “pay and leave” kind of violation. According to the Virginia law, in general reckless driving rule, which comes under the code section 46.2-852. According to this rule any person who is driving and recklessly and putting the life, limb or property of any person in danger, regardless the speed limit allowed, that person will be guilty of reckless driving. And specially in Virginia it, an expensive fine is possible along with jail for at least six months or it can be prolonged to one year as well, which depends on the results of the situation, and your driving license can also get suspended for at least six months. In addition to these punishments government will also add a conviction for reckless driving in your driving record with can make even tougher for you in future, regardless of the fact that it is your first driving conviction or your good previous driving record. According to the Virginia law the punishments are:

  • Fine of up to $2500
  • A detainment of up to a half year, however in complex cases it can be up to a year
  • Suspension of driving permit for a specific period.

As reckless driving is an offense of high punishment that the driver can go to jail as well. Driver cannot deal it as; mailing your payment along with ticket and then it just go away from your life, he/she must appear in court. And here it becomes a serious issue of your life, as in some complex issues regarding your case in court, judge can issue an arrest warrant against you and you will be in jail before even you are proven guilty. Now this is the situation where you need a lawyer or a legal advisor to deal with such kind of situation. And in this kind of state SRIS Law Group will help you to get out of this situation. We have a group of trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can manage such cases effectively. All what you need to do is contact any of our lawyers and fix your first consultancy session with us. Punishments forced under the light of traffic code are very strict, they can even put your future driving exercises in question, therefore in order to resolve this concern you should contact SRIS Law Group. Our highly experienced and professional lawyers will guide you about the right way to deal with such situation, as well as represent you in court, and they will make sure that you will get minimum of the punishment or penalty.