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Child Custody & Child Visitation

Child custody laws are very complex. If you are facing a child custody battle in Massachusetts, you need to be aware of what factors the court will consider to determine what is in the child’s best interests.   The court will have to decide who will have primary physical custody and whether the court will order joint legal custody.

How your case is handled may make all the difference in world as to how your life progresses from this potentially traumatic event.  Don’t let someone who will not keep you informed as to the status of your case keep you in the dark.  The relationship you have with your attorney during this very difficult period can have a substantial impact on your mental health.  You need and deserve a lawyer who is looking out for you.

You want a lawyer who will take the time to sit down with you and explain the process and why a particular strategy is being used.  You want a lawyer who will listen to you and keep your best interests at heart.

There are many factors to consider when you are facing a child custody battle in Massachusetts.

It is critical that you have an excellent Massachusetts child custody attorney to guide you through this very difficult time. Regardless of whether you have just been served with a child custody petition in Massachusetts or are in the middle of a child custody case, you can count on the Massachusetts child custody lawyers of SRIS, P.C. for help.

If you are seeking experienced child custody representation, then contact the Massachusetts child custody lawyers of SRIS, P.C.  Our Massachusetts child custody attorneys are seasoned child custody attorneys. They have represented clients with complex child custody issues such as abuse allegations, child kidnapping, UCCJEA cases, parental relocation (one parent moving out of state and taking the child with them), etc. in Massachusetts.

You can count on our child custody attorneys in Massachusetts to be there when you need them.  The SRIS, P.C. Massachusetts child custody lawyers can help you amicably negotiate a parenting agreement via a Massachusetts parenting agreement.

However, if the child custody proceedings turn nasty, they will fight hard for you throughout the entire child custody litigation process.

How can a SRIS Law Group lawyer help you?

First and foremost, we will discuss your case with you.  We will explain to you the different options you have and the pros and cons of each option.  We do not require clients to come in and sit down and talk with us.  Certainly, our clients are welcome to come in and talk with us.  However, we understand that clients are very busy and may not have the time to come to the office.  Therefore, we allow clients to consult with us by phone first and let the clients decide whether they need to come in and meet with their attorney.  To learn more about how a SRIS Law Group can help you, please call us at 888-437-7747 and speak with a lawyer the same day.

If the parent or guardian of a child placed in charge of any person, association or public or private institution by any state department, town board, or by any public or private corporation or body of persons authorized by law to so place children, or if one of the next of kin of an orphan so placed in charge and without guardian, is not, upon request, informed by such department, board, corporation or body of persons where the child is, the probate court for the county where such child has his legal residence may, upon petition of such parent, guardian or next of kin, and upon notice, if in its opinion the welfare of the child and the public interest will not be injured thereby, require such department, board, corporation or body of persons to give the information and permit the parent, guardian or next of kin to visit the child at such times and under such conditions as the court orders; and the court may revise its order or make new orders or decrees as the welfare of the child and the public interest may require. No court shall make an order providing visitation rights to a parent who has been convicted of murder in the first degree of the other parent of the child who is the subject of the order, unless such child is of suitable age to signify his assent and assents to such order; provided, further, that until such order is issued, no person shall visit, with the child present, a parent who has been convicted of murder in the first degree of the other parent of the child without the consent of the child’s custodian or legal guardian.

The SRIS Law Group lawyers assist clients in the following counties in Massachusetts:

Middlesex County, Worcester County, Essex County, Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Bristol County, Plymouth County, Hampden County, Barnstable County, Hampshire County, Berkshire County, Franklin County, Duke County, Boston, Greater Boston Metro Area.