Possession of child pornography is considered a felony in the state of Virginia and comes with a set of serious charges for a convict. Any crimes  and violations committed in relation to children are taken extremely seriously by the federal as well as state prosecutors who make sure any individual accused is thoroughly investigated and … Read more


There are certain instances and cases in which an adult ends up luring a minor into committing an act of delinquency. In most cases the adult actually encourages or gives a way to the minor for committing a delinquent act. This crime was first coined as a crime in the state of Colorado in the … Read more

contributing to delinquency of minor In Virginia

Juvenile delinquency can be a real nuisance to society. The fact of the matter is that children, when they are growing up, can be very confused and might not know how to go about expressing themselves. Since children tend to be rather self centered because they have not yet learned things like empathy that would … Read more

Consequences of DUI in VA

Driving under the influence of liquor is a noteworthy offense, and can arrive you in a correctional facility. There are a wide range of charges that may be demanded against you on the off chance that you are gotten while driving under the influence of liquor. It’s vital for you to reach an accomplished lawyer … Read more


Computer solicitation of a minor in the state of Virginia comes under the umbrella of using any type of communication system to help in committing offenses against children and minors. The laws regarding this in the state of Virginia aim to prosecute those who use these systems e.g. phones, internet etc. in order to force … Read more


The very basic and simple act of conversing with a minor and encouraging them to meet or to indulge in a sexual act online on a video, can get the person charged with the crime of computer solicitation of a minor. It is not necessary or compulsory that the sexual act in question actually happened. … Read more

Common Gun Charges in Virginia

The charges associated with gun ownership may put you in jail and can permanently taint your record forever. You have to ensure that the lawyer should take a close look at each extraordinary part of your case keeping in mind the end goal to see if the case is appropriate or not. You have to … Read more

Child Pornography Laws in Virginia

Child pornography unfortunately does exist in the world, and due to the internet it has become a very prevalent aspect of the world. Watching child pornography is definitely a very heinous act indeed and it is illegal, punishable to the fullest extent of the law. However, a lot of people don’t really know what constitutes … Read more

Child Molestation Laws and Punishments

Crimes against children always tend to get the heaviest penalties, and for good reason. After all, there are quite a few things that go wrong with a child’s life if something traumatic ends up happening to them during their formative years where quite a bit of their personality develops, not to mention the fact that … Read more


Carnal knowledge is a very broad term that is given to a variety of sexual acts including sexual intercourse and oral sex too. It is a crime that is completely abhorred in the state of Maryland and other states of America too. These charges are extremely serious and if a person is convicted for having … Read more